Tik Tik Tik is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language science fiction space thriller film written and directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan. The film has been promoted as India’s first space film.

Starring Jayam Ravi in the lead, the movie’s plot is quite similar to that of Bruce Willis’ Armageddon – a small asteroid destroys parts of Chennai, with a bigger one on the way that could wipe out the entire southern region of India.

The only way to destroy this asteroid is a missile which is locked in a secure vault in some space station, and the Indian space experts are not able to access this. So they hire an escape artist in Jayam Ravi’s character to steal the missile and destroy the asteroid. After all just destroying an asteroid without kicking a villain’s butt is no fun for us Indians.

While the plot may sound ridiculous, to our surprise, the special effects look surprisingly believable, be it the scenes involving the asteroid or in space.

Produced by – V. Hitesh Jhabak
DOP – Venkatesh S.
Music by – D. Imman
Lyrics – Karky
Editor – Pradeep E Ragav
Art Director – S.S. Moorthy
Sound Design – Sync Cinema
Sound Mix – T. Udayakumar
Sound mix studio – Knack Studios
VFX – Ajax Media Tech
And, here’s the trailer :

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